Shocking Moments: Non-violent surprises.

How I Met Your Mother - Robin is revealed as Barney’s bride.
It’s not that most of us didn’t know Barney and Robin were destined for each other, but the big reveal of Robin in wedding dress still stands out as one of the biggest reveals of 2012. The season finale of Season 7 cast the future into question when Barney proposed to Quinn, but ended with the woman we all knew was meant for him waiting at the altar.

The Good Wife - Kalinda waits for her husband.
By now we’ve met Kalinda’s husband and her behavior toward the man has been more fickle than expected. However, at the end of Season 3, catching the most badass woman in The Good Wife holding a gun pointed at her front door, still wearing her signature black boots as an unknown, terrifying man tried to burst in, was one of the most powerful she-moments on TV.

Call the Midwife - Watching a breach birth.
Births on television are sometimes horrific experiences, showing screeching, screaming, and occasionally terrified women popping out little suckers like their lives depended on it, which is often the onscreen case. However, Call the Midwife takes this a step further, showing a breach birth and the capable hands of a nurse who works through the experience, step by step. It leaves most other pregnancy scenes in the dirt.

Breaking Bad - Hank figures it out.
It may have been just a matter of time before Hank figured out that Heisenberg's been right under his nose the whole time. And ending the first half of the season with Hank figuring it out was great on its own. But making it happen while Hank was on the toilet, just noticing a note in a book and making the connection he missed before was a stroke of simple excellence.

Game of Thrones - Melisandre’s Demon Baby.
The second season of Game of Thrones wasn’t quite as devastating as the first (NED!) but HBO’s fantasy series still contained a few shocking sequences and Melisandre delivering the demon baby is one that stands out. Or crawls out. Gross. Sir Davos looked on horrified as the sorceress gave birth to the smoke monster from LOST.

Eastbound & Down - Kenny Powers wakes up to a crying baby.
Kenny Powers has found himself embroiled in a lot of nonsense while Eastbound & Down has been on the air, but nothing has ever been crazier or funnier than when he woke up to the sound of his own baby screaming and April gone. Immediately, he knew he was in for a fiasco, and viewers knew they were in for a hysterical season.

Downton Abbey - Lord Grantham kisses the maid.
Lord Grantham’s brief dalliance with new housemaid Jane in Season 2 was shocking mostly because it was so entirely out of character for him. While Grantham comes to his senses before his misbehavior can go too far, his loss of control was one of the most jaw-dropping moments of the season.

True Blood - Bill becomes a vampire God.
After a season that kept fans wondering if Bill was truly gone bad or just playing along, the finale left no doubt as Bill drank the blood of Lilith. At first it seemed to have sent him to the true death, but in the final twist of the season, he instead rose from the pool of blood looking an awful lot like Lilith herself.

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