Shocking Moments: The bloody ones!

Spartacus - Lucretia takes a dive with a baby.
Spartacus is chock full of shocking moments, but few come close to the sight of Lucretia standing at the edge of the cliff, clutching Ilithyia's baby, prepared to deliver it and herself to Batiatus in the afterlife. We'll certainly feel Lucretia's loss next season, but man that was a brilliantly horrifying exit.

Boardwalk Empire - Richard’s Rampage.
Richard Harrow is one of the most beloved characters on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and the masked man with half a face didn’t disappoint this season. Not only did he receive a most memorable smooch from his new sweetheart but, more importantly, he also went on an incredibly violent tirade to save Tommy from Gillian’s and/or Gyp’s evil clutches... “close your eyes.”

Breaking Bad - Todd takes care of the kid.
When a kid witnesses Walt and his people stealing chemicals, Todd doesn't hesitate to kill him to eliminate a witness. Gone is the image of Jesse Plemons as the lovably dorky Landry Clarke of Friday Night Lights and in his place is Breaking Bad's creepy Todd, the guy who can wave at a little kid and then shoot him without a second glance. Disturbing doesn't even begin to define that moment.

Dexter - Deb pulls the trigger.
Not only did Season 7 of Dexter end with LaGuerta's death, but it was Deb who pulled the trigger. To make the situation even more twisted, her immediate reaction after shooting LaGuerta was to cry and hug her. Not your typical reaction from someone who's just willingly committed a murder, but it added an extra layer of disturbing to the scene.

Scandal - Fitz gets shot.
Just when it seemed like Olivia was really ready to move on from Fitz (yeah, right), he goes and gets out of a limo and gets himself shot. The episode-ending moment left us with our mouths hanging open as we were forced to wait to see if the gunshot wounds were fatal and then to wonder who pulled the trigger, which as it turns out, was (technically) no one.

Son’s of Anarchy - Tig’s daughter gets burned alive.
How do you repay someone for killing your daughter? You have him chained up and forced to watch as his own daughter is burned alive. Poor Tig had to stand by and watch Dawn get torched and murdered in a scene that was equal parts heartbreaking and horrifying.

Sons of Anarchy - Otto bites off his own tongue.
And speaking of horrifying, Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter put his own character in some of the more gruesome scenes this season. Between Otto ruthlessly stabbing the nurse and later slamming his chin down on a table to bite off his own tongue, we may never be able to look at the showrunner without the image of him grabbing his tongue and tossing it at the window in our minds.

Revolution - Rachel stabs the scientist to stay alive.
Revolution has featured a slew of compelling speeches and less-than-fascinating action sequences, but the series sold me when it made it’s mother resort to murder to save the lives of her child. Revolution is willing to go to violent extremes and sacrifices, and that’s why we should be willing to see where it leads.

Revenge - Daniel’s not dead
From the series premiere, we were led to believe that Emily's fiancé Daniel would end up face down and dead (or dying) at some point later on on the series. Of course, when 2012 rolled around and the big party took place, it was finally revealed that it wasn't Daniel who was shot on the beach, but sneaky Tyler. An interesting twist! (But since we'd gotten to know Daniel pretty well by that point, the bigger twist might have actually been to have him really die.)

Magic City - Ben "The Butcher" Diamond kills the family dog while on the phone.
Gangsters get up to unpredictable nonsense. I’ve never seen anything like Danny Houston’s mafia leader, Ben Diamond, who watches his wife masturbate from a secret two-way mirror and, once, in a moment of sheer anger, kills his dog with a revolver. Add a telephone call and the presence of his lovely wife, and you’ll get one terrifying man.

Game of Thrones - Wildfire on the Blackwater.
One of the most spectacular and unforgettable scenes on television this year began with Bronn igniting the wildfire for Game of Thrones’s Battle of Blackwater Bay. Tyrion looks, uh, green watching as his plan results in the fiery death of Stannis’ soldiers but King Joffrey doesn’t seem to mind at all. He’s a sadistic little prick but it was hard not to enjoy the fantastic sight.

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