Emotional moments and tearjerkers.

Parks and Recreation - Leslie and Ben get engaged.
It was rough watching the couple try to maintain their relationship while separated due to their jobs, but they made it work and now they're ready to take it to the next level. Or Ben was ready when he popped the question while he and Leslie were looking at a house. Leslie needed a minute to absorb the situation before she let him proceed in a truly sweet and genuine show of affection and devotion.

Parenthood - Kristina’s video to the kids.
As though Kristina's struggle with cancer hasn't induced enough tears for fans, we get to watch Kristina's video message to her kids, which is full of love, pride and support for who they are. To add even more tears to the equation, we're watching this video as Adam tearfully watches is, while worried about his wife's health as she lays feet away in a hospital bed. This show.

Saturday Night Live - Kristen Wiig’s sendoff.
After seven years on the show, Kristen Wiig's final episode as series regular on SNL ended with an unexpected send-off in the form of a touching graduation and a dance that was sweet and charming and might have made some of us sniffle just a little bit.

Suburgatory - Tessa meets her mom.
Suburgatory began with a young woman who had grown up without a mother and turned that young lady into a girl more curious about her roots. I was a little shocked we got to meet the mother this early in the series, but the moment was everything this series needed, and everything fans were waiting for.

Saturday Night Live - Silent Night cold open.
One day after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, Saturday Night Live aired its Christmas episode. Rather than starting off with a funny cold open, the episode started with the New York City Children’s Chorus singing “Silent Night”. It was a fitting and emotional tribute so soon after the tragedy and an appropriate way to start the episode.

Parenthood - Crosby and Jasmine get married.
Like plenty of other decisions made in the Parenthood universe, Jasmine and Crosby’s conclusion to get married was quick and impulsive and led to an impromptu wedding early in 2012, proving that sometimes ending in a wedding is not so cliched, after all.

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