Funny moments.

Modern Family - Haley’s aversion.
A conversation in the car turned incredibly awkward when Alex misunderstood her father, who referenced Haley’s “aversion.” Giggling at what she thought Dad said caused Phil to realize why Alex thought that was so funny. Apparently, Haley’s not aversion.

Girls - “Dancing On My Own”
Whether they loved it or hated it, people couldn’t shut the hell up about HBO’s Girls. Plenty of moments are worth mentioning but the last scene of the third episode, after Hannah learns her college boyfriend is gay and Marnie’s had her encounter with Jorma Taccone, stands out because of its humor and warmth. And also offers a glimpse at Hannah’s twitter account.

Community - "Leonard likes this post."
Shot in the style of a Ken Burns documentary, "Pillows and Blankets" had the students of Greendale Community College at war with one another and communicating through cell phones and social media. Leonard liking Abed's post was not only a great LOL moment in an episode full of laughs, but it pretty much sums up the hilarity of the entire episode in one line like.

Weeds - The cast smokes one last joint together.
Showtime’s Weeds ended with its characters having grown older, but not necessarily wiser, in a bleakly humorous series ending that left the main cast smoking a joint on the porch. The cast’s situations may have somewhat changed, but despite this, the porch scene proves nothing has really changed, at all.

Raising Hope - Jimmy’s baby mamma comes back from the dead.
Since My Name is Earl was unceremoniously cancelled, Greg Garcia has treated every season finale as if it was a show’s last. Raising Hope closed out last season with an epic 2-parter, featuring Nancy Grace and a slew of other guest stars that ended with Jimmy’s crazy bitch of a serial killer baby mamma brandishing a knife and all hell breaking loose. If he manages to top this comedic closer in 2013--or ever--fans have some good TV headed their way.

Game of Thrones - Tyrion slaps King Joffrey.
It’s not the first time Tyrion has put Joffrey in his place, but it may have been the most satisfying. The Season 2 moment when Tyrion slaps King Joffrey and reminds him that a king is still just a man, and this one is more of a boy, had us applauding.

Girls - Hannah's parents in the shower.
The lesson to be learned in this hilariously awkward Girls scene involving Hannah's parents in the shower is that sometimes even parents have steamy shower sex. Of course, they run the risk of falling and throwing their backs out. Adding humiliation to a lot of nudity, the scene gave us an amusing and very close up look at Hannah's mom and dad. And they get points for effort, if not balance.

New Girl - Emotional fluffer.
New Girl is full of funny characters, storylines and gags but Jess and Nick’s will they-won’t they relationship, even though it’s the most formulaic aspect of the Fox comedy, delivers one of the best exchanges on any sitcom in 2012. Sick of helping Jess get in the mood before being with other dudes, Nick finally confronts her about his role as her emotional fluffer. And that’s just the beginning of the epic argument. “Blech!”

Louie - David Lynch!
The hardest part of this entry’s inclusion in the best television moments of 2012 was deciding which one scene from David Lynch’s brilliant cameo on Louie to include. So screw deciding (or allotting the appearance several spots, which it deserves), because all of the moments from the ‘Late Night’ arc that feature the pair are worthy, from Louie’s first meeting with Lynch’s TV exec Jack Dahl to his painful audition.

New Girl - Schmidt describes his bedroom technique.
Known for being a lady's man, Schmidt enlisted the help of a lesbian gynecologist when he was having trouble pleasing his woman. This led to a very elaborate and creative description of how he typically pleasures a woman. This includes going outside to "get the paper" and "shake the neighbors" hand, visiting a sharing circle and at some point spiking a volley ball.

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