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Thanksgiving is over and it’s officially time to start celebrating the holidays. I know, its still a little too soon for some people to really get into the holiday spirit but if you have a lot of people to shop for, getting a jump on the wishlist is a must-do right now. Some of the other writers here at Blend Television and I thought we’d help you out a by sharing some of our own wishlist items as well as some recommendations that we think you might want to add to your own list.

Below is our list of gift recommendations. Things we love that we think you’ll love too!

A DVR and/or TiVo

I used to shrug when friends raved about their DVR/TiVo. After all, I had a VCR. Why would I need anything more? As the guitarist says in El Mariachi, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Easy-peasy to use, my new DVR records whole seasons, knows start and end times, even sorts shows by category, i.e. sports, kids, news, movies, music. Do they have that cloning thing down yet? Because I need a couple more me’s to watch all the shows I’ve DVR’d. And I totally don’t get the pause and rewind on LIVE TV. How DO they do that?! - Jane Boursaw

iPod Video

Any iPod with video playing capabilities (Nano, Touch, iPhone, etc) will change the way you travel or commute forever. Stuck on a bus for an hour on your way to work? Grab and episode of Pushing Daises and you’ll start hoping for traffic. Ever been on a cross-country or European jaunt and the in-flight movie stinks? Download a couple of shows you might have forgotten about. I recently flew to California, and managed to watch all the Studio 60s I never got to see, as well as some Larry Sanders Show I haven’t watched in years. Oh yeah, I almost forgot: Did you know it plays music too? -Jon Costantino


Even if the writers strike ends soon, there's still going to be some time where there will be nothing on the air but repeats and game shows. Now, while I like a good episode of Jeopardy! as much as the next girl, sometimes you need more. That's where Netflix comes in. Even somebody who watches as much television as I do doesn't get to see everything, so I use my Netflix account to catch up. Right now I'm watching Friday Night Lights' first season and after that's done, I'm going to check out Dexter. You can choose from different plans to fit your needs and they just come to your door; it's kind of like magic. Beautiful, TV magic. (And if you’re looking for a great gift-idea, Netflix offers Gift Certificates. -Kona Gallagher

30 Rock - Season 1 DVD Set

I love 30 Rock so much I want to take it out behind the middle school and get it pregnant. That joke never gets old, and neither do most of the jokes on the first season of this brilliant show. It's so fast-paced that it takes multiple viewings to catch all the jokes, which is what makes 30 Rock a perfect show to watch on DVD. Infinitely rewatchable, with some of the best actors of television (Alec Baldwin is a gem), 30 Rock gets better and better each time you see it. It'll stay on your mind grapes. -Katey Rich

Battlestar Galactica - The miniseries on DVD

I’m not going to go as far as to recommend the first three seasons of this fantastic Sci Fi series on DVD because, while I love it, I recognize that the show might not be for everyone. Instead, I suggest you give the series a chance by wish-listing the miniseries or purchasing it for someone you think might like it. If you love the miniseries, you’ll definitely want to watch the actual series and if not, well you’ve only lost a couple of hours of your life. In terms of the level of scifi-ness, BSG is about on par with the original Star Wars movies. As my level of appreciation for the science fiction genre is pretty limited, trust me when I say, there’s more to this series than just cool special effects and space ships. - Kelly West

And here are the things we’re hoping to find under the tree this year:

24 Season 6 DVD Set

I was a late bloomer to the wonder that is 24 and didn’t even watch the series until last year. Then my son and I watched the first five seasons all at once, propping our eyes open to feed our obsession. Now, with an uncertain premiere date for S7…let’s just say I’m glad we have S6 ahead of us. It’s another Very Long Day, picking up 20 months after S5’s finale, when a beaten, bloody Jack Bauer was captured by the Chinese government and headed for parts unknown. And yes, terrorist attacks continue to rock the nation. -Jane Boursaw

Twin Peaks - The Definitive Gold Box Edition

One of the most unique TV series ever made, this 10-disc set has both seasons of the David Lynch created drama. What I’m looking forward to the most is the inclusion of the European version of the pilot, where the “Who Killed Laura Palmer?” mystery is tied up after two hours, instead of 16 episodes into season two. Until Lost came around, I considered the two-hour final episode of the series the coolest and most surreal television ever created. With thirty episodes and hours of extras, this box will almost make me forget my regular shows might not come back. -Jon Costantino

Veronica Mars - Seasons 2 and 3 on DVD

Oh, Veronica Mars, you wonderful damaged little pixie. Your show of the same name was a high school drama set in Southern California that starred a foxie blonde. It sounded like a surefire success, at least until all the rape and murder happened--in the pilot. However, the fans that came aboard were fiercely loyal and fought to get you the three seasons you were able to have. Now, all we have are our memories and the DVDs. I already own season 1 and need seasons 2&3 to round out my collection, mainly so I can watch the pilot for season 4 over and over again and dream of what might have been. -Kona Gallagher

My So Called Life The Complete Series DVD Set

I was a little too young for My So-Called Life when it debuted back in 1994, but my mom fell in love with it, and eventually so did I. The show is far more than just a '90s flashback—it's the kind of accurate, funny and heartbreaking depiction of high school life that puts The O.C. to shame. Claire Danes is rightfully iconic as Angela Chase, but the entire cast is terrific, especially heartthrob Jared Leto as the unattainable Jordan Catalano, and A.J. Langer as troubled bad girl Rayanne. Short-lived but precious, MSCL is a show for the ages. Short-lived but precious, MSCL is a show for the ages, and this DVD set, featuring cast interviews from 1995 as well as today, and essays about the show by Janeane Garofalo and Joss Whedon, among others, gives the show the respect it deserves. - Katey Rich

The Comeback The Complete Only Season DVD Set

Sure, this one-season HBO series was cancelled a couple of years ago and this DVD set is hardly new but I asked for it last year and I didn’t get it. There’s just something so oddly charming about this brief series (which never should’ve been cancelled). It’s a faux-reality show about a washed up actress, Valerie Cherish (played by Lisa Kudrow) who is desperate for a comeback. Kudrow plays the role of Valerie with humor and heart. Watching The Comeback I found myself both laughing at Cherish’s desperation and at the same time, rooting for her to regain the prestige she once held as a TV star back in her younger days. - Kelly West

Feel free to add your own TV-related gift ideas or wishlist items in the comments section below!

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