”He's safe. That's all that matters.”

And something tells me that pissing Lucky and Meyer off isn't necessarily the smartest thing to do, even if you are one of the most powerful men in NYC. Everyone has enemies. But before we learn that Rothstein acquiring most of Overholt in exchange for help with Masseria was all part of Nucky's plan, things continue to get weird for Gillain and the interloper. She tries to extricate her and Tommy from the situation altogether but Gyp doesn't want his 'Red' to leave and for a moment it's unclear whether Gillian is entertaining the idea of being the 'Queen' to his king of the Atlantic City. The real queen of AC, Mrs. Thompson, is busy hiding out in Brooklyn and her storyline seems rather abrupt. Perhaps that was the point, throwing us right into her state of mind during the lost moment at the 'doctors.' All these sequences might have carried more weight had she turned to Dr. Mason in her time of need. Oh well. Her reverse Godfather moment at the end of the episode was still pretty powerful. Elsewhere in NYC, Nucky's plan is working with Rothstein recruiting Masseria but he still has to keep Capone and Chalkly's men from killing each other in order to pull everything off.

”... this could be the end of the problems between us or the beginning. I'll oblige him either way. Is that clear?”

Actually, even with Nucky's best laid plan, he also gets a lot of help from a few unexpected players: Gillian does her best to stick it to Gyp and Richard, well, cleans house. I'm still unsure whether Gillian pulled through in the end, I was too distracted by Richard's rampage. He's like Omar from The Wire (yes, I know Michael K. Williams, aka Chalky, played Omar), a one man wrecking crew with a heart. I teared up a little when Tommy ran to hug him after he blew that dude's face off. The scene when he dropped him off at the Sagorski's was also pretty emotional, not just because of the rift created between Richard and Julia but also the way Paul has warmed and even allows Tommy to sleep in his dead son's room. I also wasn't expecting Capone and Chalky's part of the plan to be waiting in the bushes and mowing down Masseria's men as they were returning to New York. It was a nice holy shit moment and the following bit of banter between the previously feuding Capone and Chalky was a welcome bit of levity.

”This is only money. It doesn't mean anything”

While those two gangs took care of that nasty bit of business, Nucky and Eli went to the Artemis to see to Gyp personally but instead found the trail of bodies Richard left behind as well as the drugged out Gillian talking about the past. Again, does she live? I guess so? We also see that Richard missed one of the Italian gangsters, as Tonino is still alive and hiding in the closet. Before Tonino arrives at the beach with his tale of escape and a switch blade, there's still one other aspect of Nucky's plan that comes to light. The real reason he was willing to part with the Overholt distillery is so Mellon and Randolph could go after Rothstein and take out another one of his major competitors. Remember Remus. After the dust settles, we return to Margaret slumming it in Brooklyn where she listens to Nucky's proposition before rejecting him with the aforementioned reverse Godfather. By that, I simply mean her shutting the door in his face and him out of her life. The season ends with Nucky on the Boardwalk, clearly unhappy with being recognized or the idea of returning to the Ritz, perhaps finally understanding why he can't be half a gangster. Expect an even more insulated Nucky next season.

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