It’s no secret that Bob Barker is old—as long as there have been dinette sets to give away, he has been there to give them—but did anyone ever expect him to actually retire? But with even Dick Clark slowly passing his mantle on to Ryan Seacrest, another ageless TV icon is about to pass on his elongated microphone.

Barker’s two-night CBS farewell tour begins Wednesday at 8 p.m., with a special prime time episode of ‘The Price is Right,’ and continues the next night with an hourlong retrospective (yes, Adam Sandler is rumored to appear). The sendoff may be even more elaborate than the one CBS gave Dan Rather a few years back, though Barker doesn’t have any forged memos trailing him out the door (and those pesky sex scandals got left behind in the 80’s, don’t you know).

It’s clear from the writing that has cropped up on the internet in the last few days that the man has made an impact. One Boston writer stops to ask ”Who among us can go a week without making a "closest without going over" joke, saying "come on down", or simply wishing we could interrupt our day with a nice game of plinko?” Even the New York Times bows to the Barker altar, reminding us ”his great strength, and certainly the key to his longevity, is that, whatever happens to the contestants, he is able to have them leave happy, feeling unjudged and appreciated.”

Oh, Bob. Let us remember those summer days between grades in high school when ‘The Price is Right’ was the only reason to get up before noon, or when we realized that the show was in fact not in reruns, and the set and its host just looked like they were stuck in the ’70s. It might seem odd to be watching ‘The Price is Right’ at night on Wednesday, but respects must be paid. There will be a new host for ‘The Price is Right’—the ‘Times’ reports that Rosie O’Donnell is rumored to be interested, along with Mario “A.C. Slater” Lopez—but will any of them be able to convincingly punch Adam Sandler and then kiss every little old lady who comes jumping on to their stage?

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