So, apparently, even thought Britney Spears is a total train wreck, she can still get work. Her latest gig is with CBS’ show How I Met Your Mother. They must really not care about their ratings. Or more accurately, maybe they don’t care how they get their ratings. I guess any ratings are good ratings.

Eonlinereports “that the most likely role for Britney in that episode is "Abby," a girl who works in Ted's doctor's office. She's described as "sweet and friendly and scattered and a little nerdy—a female Michael Cera."

It sure seems like there is a rash of people who don't belong on television, being given side parts to boost ratings. As previously reported here on CinemaBlend , the famous-for-partying Paris Hilton is getting yet another chance to be on the small screen. Paris will be appearing in a dream sequence with Jason Lee in an April episode of My Name is Earl. Wow, I am starting to think the Writer's Strike wasn't so bad after all...

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