Brittany Daniel is set to star in CW’s ‘Girlfriends’ spin-off, ‘The Game’. ‘Girlfriends’ was a popular comedy on the network soon to be formerly known as UPN. ‘The Game’ will focus on the girlfriends of pro-football players. Ms. Daniel will be playing (you probably guessed it) one of the girlfriends. Originally, Jennifer Baxter played Daniel’s character Kelly Parker in the pre-pilot of for the show.

Guys might recognize Daniel from her role as the female lead in David Spade’s Joe Dirt. Girls are more likely to remember Brittany Daniel from her role as Jessica Wakefield in the ‘Sweet Valley High’ series. If you’re familiar with her work in the ‘Sweet Valley’ series then you probably know, Brittany has a twin sister, Cynthia. Daniel is not the only twin set to star in ‘The Game’. The show's primary female lead is Tia Mowry. She’s known mainly for the sitcom she and her twin sister Tamera did back in the 90’s, ‘Sister, Sister’.

Based on the brief promo shown on CW’s website, ‘The Game’ reminds me of the dynamic between Rod Tidwell and his wife in Jerry McGuire - Mostly humorous with a touch of seriousness and genuine affection thrown in for good measure.

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