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According to network executives at CBS, the Parents Television Council are up to their old tricks again, this time using a mass e-mailer program to submit thousands of complaints to the FCC about an episode of ‘Without A Trace’. Where’s the JLA when you need them? There needs to be a counterbalance to such an evil organization. What’s next? Pollsters hitting you up in your in-box for some “hot Republican web cam action”?

CBS has told federal regulators that $3.3 million dollars in fines brought against the network and its affiliates should be thrown out. The reason? The complaints originated solely from Web sites run by the Parents Television Council and the American Family Association. The FCC has a policy that the complaint has to originate from the community of the station in question before action can be taken.

Over 4,000 complaints came into the FCC regarding an episode of CBS’s crime drama ‘Without A Trace’ that depicted teenagers in sexual conduct (damn, I’m starting to sound like news copy here). CBS says that not one of the complaints came from a real person, and if I was looking at ponying up that kind of money, I’d be screaming not only that they came from a simple mass e-mailer program, but also the PTC had developed a wicked worm virus that locked everyone’s home page to the PAX network.

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