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Fox knows they have a winner on their hands with Glee and between the tours and other promotional events, it’s likely they’re making a pretty penny off the series outside of what they get in advertising. So it’s nice to see the network finding a way to use the show’s popularity to give back.

For die-hard Gleeks hoping to get a look at the first new post-hiatus episode a bit early, Fox has set up early screenings of the episode (which is set to air on Tuesday, April 13 at 9:28-10:30 PM ET/PT) at various venues across the country. The schedule and list of venues as well as how to buy tickets can be viewed at TicketsForCharity.com. The tickets cost $15, which might be considered pricy given the cost of the average movie ticket, but I’m sure most Glee fans won’t have a problem coming up with the dough.

All proceeds from the event will go ward the Grammy Foundation’s “GRAMMY In The Schools” music education programs for young people. Seems like a fitting way to spend the money, given that it’s likely that the show is already encouraging young people to get involved in the arts programs at their schools.