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With the growing trend of progressive sit-coms like ‘Scrubs’ and ‘The Office,’ it’s ironic that a traditional style show like ‘Two and A Half Men’ is still the top ratings getter. The show averages 15 million viewers each week. So it comes as no surprise that CBS has decided to award its star with the biggest paycheck in sit-com land.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Sheen is nearing completion of negotiations with Warner Bros. Television to become the highest paid comic actor on TV. No word on who that person was before, but with a reported $350,00 per episode, Sheen will be able to act humble and say it’s not about who gets paid more. At which point Jon Cryer will ask for a loan to pay his mortgage. An actor getting ridiculous sums of money for TV roles is nothing new; the cast of ‘Friends’ was pulling in a million each in their last season. The current King of Green is Ray Romano who was paid $2 million per episode for the final season of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond.’

In addition to viewers and money, Sheen has also generated an Emmy nomination, two Golden Globe nominations, and one from the Screen Actors Guild for CBS’ hit comedy. Maybe with some extra cash he’ll be driven to finally win one.

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