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One of the most comic book-friendly people working in Hollywood (or Canada, more likely), Kevin Smith is currently bringing his comic knowledge and directorial talents to the small screen for an upcoming episode of The Flash. And while he didn’t reveal any major secrets about Jay Garrick or the man in the mask, he did share an image that has us screaming “snoochie boochies” from rooftops. Check it out!

Yes, that would be one Jay Mewes standing next to Kevin Smith in front of The Flash’s coffee shop hang CC Jitters. And yes, it would be cool enough if Mewes was just hanging around on set while his lifelong friend took part in creating a Flash episode, because who wouldn’t want to do that? But it’s what they’re wearing and what Smith actually says that has us pulling our lightsaber bongs out in excitement.

As any fan of Kevin Smith’s career knows, he and Mewes make up the stoner slacker duo Jay and Silent Bob, both of whom are nearly always seen wearing hats. (Just like in the picture!) And Smith’s Twitter post makes reference to him seeing “losers loitering outside.” I’m able to look beyond my dreams and realize that Smith is overtly calling back to these characters in the image, and that the reference probably ends with the post. After all, The Flash is a little too wholesome and kid-friendly for a character who has, in the past, been known for flashing people with his genitals tucked between his legs.

But what if it is real, and Jay and Silent Bob do actually make an appearance in the episode? It would likely just be something in the background that doesn’t draw attention away from anything or anyone else. Maybe they’ll be inside CC Jitters watching a hockey game on a laptop or something. Or maybe Cisco’s Vibe powers are giving him a headache, and so he goes out to try and score some doobage from them. Or maybe they’re going to meet up with Mark Hamill’s Trickster for a Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back reunion that ends in them going to find and possibly destroy their Earth-2 doubles. That might all be a stretch, though.

Kevin Smith is a busy man these days, with his Yoga Hosers trilogy still unfinished and an upcoming TV project about, you guessed it, weed. Not to mention cameoing in one of the biggest films of all time. He’s talked about bringing Jay and Silent Bob back for an upcoming project, and while that project was not this particular episode of The Flash, we’re more than welcoming for that plan to be altered.

The Flash returns from its brief hiatus on The CW on Tuesday, March 22, with Kevin Smith’s episode airing later in the season. Do you guys want to see Jay and Silent Bob show up in Central City?

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