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Chris O'Donnell has signed on to play the role of Jack McCauliffe in TNT's upcoming mini-series 'The Company'. The story is a look at the CIA via the Cold War and is based on the 2002 novel by Robert Lettell. Recently O'Donnell has been seen in 'Grey's Anatomy' and the canceled FOX show 'Head Cases'. He's been doing a lot of TV work in the past few years, and who can blame him after such cinematic masterpieces like The Bachelor and Batman and Robin?

Thus far O'Donnell has been the only one signed to act in the project. The Scott brothers (that is to say, Ridley and Tony) are executive producers behind the series, and they have some experience between them in bringing pictures like this to both the big and small screens. They even brought on board Ken Nolan, the man responsible for adapting Black Hawk Down, to write the teleplay. The man helming the show, Mikael Salomon, has done a lot of work for TNT recently, most notably the updated version of Salem's Lot and the upcoming Nightmares and Dreamscapes story 'The End of the Whole Mess.' Before that he was a cinematographer on such pics as The Abyss and Backdraft. Clearly there is some pedigree behind this mini-series.

'The Company' is slated for broadcast in 2007, and hopefully I've shilled for it enough to get you interested. I'll watch it. With names like that behind the scenes, won't you?

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