We live in a society flooded with information. Frankly, I love the hell out of it. I can check sports scores, read about whether or not Tobey Maguire will be in Spider-Man 4, make bank transfers, listen to possibly pornographic podcasts, order a crate of cheez-wiz, research the mating cycles of gall wasps on wikipedia, and annoy teenagers on an O.C. message board all at one time. And trust me, I do it. It’s breathtaking. Sadly, one of the casualties of living in a state of perpetual information overload is a gradual degradation in overall accuracy.

For instance, last week we brought you the exclusive scoop here that the Sci-Fi channel was working on a new ‘Flash Gordon’ television series and that actor Chris Showerman was being considered for show’s lead role. We said he was up for the part. We never said he had it.

Since then, several different sites all over the web have picked the piece up and re-reported on it. Most of them got it right, a few of them seem to have gotten it into their heads that we said Showerman absolutely had the part. Hey, I get it guys. Seriously. I’ve been known to skim myself. It’s a nasty habit, but when you’re reading news at 2 in the morning, frantically prepping stories for the next day’s reporting splooge sometimes you get sloppy. Nobody’s perfect.

So to clarify things, Chris Showerman’s producing partner Clint Morris has asked us to quote him verbatim on the status of Showerman’s involvement in ‘Flash Gordon'. Clint says, “Chris is shooting something for our company at the moment, so I'll respond to this on his rumour on his behalf. He hasn't got the role of Flash Gordon - but yeah, he is one of a handful of young actors that are being considered. It depends how young they decide to go with the character. So no, he hasn't got the role of Flash Gordon - he's just a contender. Something else is cooking TV-wise though for Chris... so you'll see him on something on your telly by the looks, regardless. He appreciates the vote of support with "Flash Gordon" though... he's a big fan... and would kill for Sam Jones's career ;"

Alright? That’s it. Second time is the charm.

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