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The last episode of The Comeback's belated comeback aired last night, leading us to wonder if we'll see more of Valerie Cherish? HBO listed the episode as the season finale, leaving out the word series. Is there a chance we'll see a Season 3? Lisa Kudrow commented on the topic, and it sounds like she's up for it.

Following the eighth and final episode of Season 2, E! Online ran an interview with Lisa Kudrow, which included a positive but not entirely committal comment about the prospect of a third season:
I would love to do more. In 2005, that was an ending, that was definitely an ending because I guess now we see that those episodes were a piece and these episodes where a piece and then if we do more then we will be doing that piece.

That's not exactly confirmation that Season 3 will happen. But it does suggest that Kudrow would be willing to do a third season and that one could exist, but doesn't necessarily need to. And those who saw last night's finale may understand where Lisa Kudrow is coming from when she refers to each season as its own piece. The first season wrapped up pretty nicely, and though many of us wanted to see the HBO series picked up for a second season, we weren't exactly left hanging on the fate of Kudrow's character, Valerie Cherish. The same applies to the recently completed second season.

And it's at this point that we're about to get into spoiler territory, so if you're still not caught up on Season 2 of The Comeback, read no further!

While the first season of The Comeback focused on Valerie's efforts to present herself in her best light for the reality TV show that was being produced about her big acting comeback, the decade-later second season shifted its focus from Valerie's awareness of the cameras to her efforts to balance her personal life with professional success. Valerie's marriage was rapidly falling apart, and her friend Mickey was fighting cancer. All the while, Valerie was being praised --including an Emmy nomination-- for her performance as her not-quite-self in Paulie G's HBO comedy.

Last night's finale ended with Valerie getting everything she wanted. Well, almost everything. I think Valerie would have wanted that moment to stand on the stage and accept her Emmy Award. But given the choice between having that moment and being there for Mickey, she made the right choice. And in rushing from the theater to the hospital to make sure Mickey was ok, she unintentionally proved to Mark that when push comes to shove, her heart is in the right place. And she got to kiss Mark moments after winning her Emmy, which is a scenario that seemed pretty unlikely.

The finale offered some great callbacks to the first season, including Valerie raiding the fridge while practicing her Emmy speech -- remember when she was eating that cake while doing her "I don't need to see that!" line? -- and the major plumbing issues she experienced while preparing for Emmy night. In the first season, a bathroom leak wrecked Valerie's wall of stardom. Except this time around, there was "fecal matter" involved because... well, that was the level of redemption Valerie needed to experience, I guess.

And of course, there was "The Association song," which played at the end of the finale, just as it played at the end of Season 1. Except, this time around, instead of Mark watching Valerie experience the recognition she'd been striving for, Season 2 ended with Mark and Valerie reunited, walking hand in hand through the hospital, no cameras or onlookers in sight. And that's a good thing, as Juna was right in saying that Valerie needs Mark.

Added bonuses to the episode came in the form of a pretty fantastic sequence with Kellan Lutz's now mega-famous character Chris, who confessed his attraction to Valerie and then hit on her. Not only is that a win for Valerie's ego, but her polite refusal of Chris' advances demonstrated her loyalty to Mark, though he wasn't returning her calls at the time. As mentioned, Malin Ackerman also returned for the episode, and though Juna remained as nice as ever, even as she was calling Valerie out for her participation in Paulie G's very skewed account of their Room & Bored days. I like to think Valerie's apology to her "baby girl" was genuine. But from what Kudrow told E!, it sounds like Valerie really couldn't handle the full reality of her situation at that time:
She can't handle it. She would never recover if she had to fully take in everything that's going on. She can't. She has things to get through, and she just had this big fight with Mark and she's sort of focusing on that. That was too much for her and she was just thinking, ‘I can't, I can't look at all this. I know you're upset about that but I can't look at it.'

Given how the series ended, perhaps Valerie will be able to re-evaluate everything now that she's got her Emmy and her husband, and Mickey's going to be ok. With that in mind, it leaves us to wonder what a third season might focus on. As much as I want a third season of The Comeback, I'd kind of be ok if we had to wait a couple of years for it to happen. The decade-jump forward allowed The Comeback to reboot itself almost as much as it was a sequel to the first season. Enough time had passed to give Valerie an updated perspective on the industry. It would be great to check in with her a couple of years from now, perhaps when things have changed again.

From what Kudrow says, it sounds like she'd be up for it. But there's no official word on it actually happening. We'll be sure to update if there is! In the meantime, after another outstanding performance as Valerie Cherish, perhaps the Emmy voters will allow life to imitate art in ensuring that Kudrow receives the recognition she deserves.