We had the opportunity to speak with Joel McHale following the panel for the NBC's Community, which took place today at Comic Con. When the subject of McHale’s E! clip show The Soup came up, he revealed that his contract ends this year.

McHale, who plays the role of Jeff on Community is also the hilariously sarcastic host of The Soup. He discussed his hectic schedule with us, which has him juggling quite a bit as he continues to write jokes for The Soup. In terms of how involved he is with the writing, that’s changed since Community.

“I really now rely on the writers of The soup, because I just don’t have the time. I don’t have time to view the shows the way I used to or really write bits,” McHale said. “I write jokes, but that’s about it. But the writing is so good. I really rely on that.”

As it seems Community is here to stay, we asked him if he was planning on sticking with The Soup. He responded with a joke about taking over the role of Trudy on Mad Men (played by McHale’s Community costar Alison Brie), “My contract is up in December and so we’re talking now. So, hopefully it’ll all work out.”

If by “work out” he means that hopefully he’ll stay with The Soup, I agree with McHale. Even if his work on Community is limiting his involvement with the writing on The Soup, he’s still hilarious in the way he delivers the jokes. As much as I love Community and want to see the show continue to succeed, I don’t know if I’m ready for a new Soup host. Is it greedy to want twice the Joel McHale on my TV?

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