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If you’re a comic book fan in dire need of more TV adaptations, it’s a good time to be alive. Universal Cable Productions is widening its genre portfolio with three new projects, one of which may well end up being the sweetest TV show in history. (Slight hyperbole.) Comic veteran mastermind Warren Ellis is teaming up with The Walking Dead producer Gale Anne Hurd for an untitled series – that’s the super groovy one –and UCP is also developing series based on the horror comic Night Mary and the supernatural adventure comic Five Ghosts.

This will mark Ellis’ first full trip into the world of television, though he was previously attached to an AMC series called Dead Channel; that’s probably how he and Hurd got together. Once married to James Cameron, Hurd has produced sci-fi classics such as the Terminator series, The Abyss and Aliens. Ellis has been delivering top quality stories in comic form for almost 25 years, and his prose, the 2013 New York Times bestselling novel Gun Machine, ain’t too bad either.


Warren Ellis has worked with nearly every comic company out there, and though he’s penned issues for major titles like Astonishing X-Men and Ultimate Fantastic Four, his most memorable work will always be his own creations. It’s a suckass shame that no hints were given as to what kind of project this will be. Could we possibly be getting a series treatment of the bizarro future of Transmetropolitan or the strange phenomena-seeking Planetary? Or if they’re trying to ride the never-ending wave of superhero love, Ellis’ The Authority and/or Supergod would make stellar series on the right network. (With a shitload of money.) In any case, Ellis has a knack for creating grounded science fiction and fantastical stories, so whatever he and Hurd come up with, we’re on board. Just not a Red series, please.


I’m completely unfamiliar with IDW’s 2005 limited series Night Mary, written by Rick Remender and illustrated by Kieron Dwyer. Through its five issues, Night Mary told the story of a woman who is able to enter the dreams of patients at her father’s sleep disorder clinic. She unwittingly enters the mind of a serial killer, and reality and nightmares soon become one and the same. Writing and directing the pilot will be John Pogue, who directed the hell out of the underwritten horror The Quiet Ones earlier this year.


The ongoing Image Comics series Five Ghosts is written by Frank Barbiere and illustrated by Chris Mooneyham and centers on a treasure hunter named Fabian Gray who is guided on his quests by five literary ghosts – the wizard (Merlin), the archer (Robin Hood), the Samurai (Musashi), the vampire (Dracula) and the detective (Sherlock Holmes). The series began life as a Kickstarter campaign and will be a team-up between Benderspink and UCP, with other executive producers lined up. According to THR, Evan Daugherty, who scripted Divergent and the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, has been tapped to pen the pilot.

Which of these properties are you guys most excited about?

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