One of the more intriguing items to come out of Comic-Con this year is a new orientation video for the Dharma Initiative. Damon Lindelof and Carleton Cuse introduced the video to guests at the ‘Lost’ panel by explaining they found the video in a building in Narvick, Norway that was scheduled for demolition by the Hanso Foundation. Naturally the two writers took the video and spliced it back together to give us what you can view below.

‘Lost’ fans will surely pour over the clip until every nuance is thoroughly examined and theorized about. Lindelof and Cuse stated at Comic-Con that the video is intended to give fans an idea of what to expect in season 4. There are some nice little things here and there in the video, but the two main points – at least they seem to be pretty damn major – are the mention of “Casimir Effect” and the second #15 rabbit showing up.

Even if I thought it would enthrall you I can’t give a learned explanation of the “Casimir Effect.” But I did love me some physics in my educational days, and I picked up some things. The importance of the effect being mentioned is that it seems to imply time travel. The “Casimir Effect” could theoretically cause a negative energy density that would stabilize a wormhole, thus allowing faster than light travel. So, it looks like we could get into time travel next season on ‘Lost.’ Or then again, maybe not. No official sources have confirmed whether this is canon video, or some fun to be had at Comic-Con. Until we find out for sure, let the theories fly!

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