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The years 2014 and 2015 will have shaken up the late night talk show world more than any other two year span in history, as Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyer are NBC's big dogs, and David Letterman and Craig Ferguson are leaving CBS behind. But in case you thought everyone was in flux, fear not. TBS’ Conan is officially here to stay for at least another four years.

TBS announced that they have renewed the ageless Conan O’Brien’s contract through the year 2018, at which point he will achieve the milestone of having been a late night host for 25 years. Considering how skittish post-primetime viewers are, and just how outside the box Conan has been for just about all the years that it’s been on the air, that’s a pretty amazing (future) feat. I mean, even Conan’s Tonight Show stint had William Shatner humorously reciting Sarah Palin tweets.

And it’s that strange silliness that keeps people tuning in. According to TBS’ press release, Conan O’Brien manages to draw in a bigger key demographic audience than any other hour-long late night talk show currently airing. So far this year, Conan is averaging 862,000 viewers, allowing for Live + 7, with more of an 18-34 audience than Letterman, Ferguson, Jimmy Kimmel, Arsenio Hall or anyone else. That quarterly total was up 12% in that demographic, and up 5% with the 18-49 crowd.

After all, it’s common knowledge that kids these days are all about listening to Alex Trebek sound like a weirdo.

The show's huge social media following is nothing to sniff at either. Fallon is the prince of viral videos, but Conan clips have been going around since the days prior to “viral videos” becoming common vernacular. His evergrowing fanbase has led to Conan touting over 10.6 million Twitter followers, with many more millions following on Facebook and other sites.

Conan should have a pretty huge July with younger viewers as well, since Conan will be the first talk show host to film episodes at Comic Con in San Diego. The guest list is probably going to be insane, and I’m guessing J.J. Abrams will be around to debut one of his exclusive sneak peeks for Star Wars: Episode VII.

Watch Conan weeknights on TBS at 11 p.m. EST.

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