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The rumor that Ricky Gervais might replace Steve Carell as the top star of The Office didn't really go anywhere, but Entertainment Weekly claims they've got the inside track on two names you might actually be hearing again. They say that Office producers have been reaching out to both Danny McBride and Rhys Darby to potentially join the cast this season, with the implication being that they would replace Michael Scott as the head of the Scranton branch.

Writer and portrayer of Toby Paul Lieberstein wouldn't make any promises, of course, but he did confirm that they're "having discussing" about adding a new salesman to the team, and left open the idea that a current Dunder Mifflin employee could have Michael's job instead. Clearly Dwight Schrute is sharpening his throwing stars and buying up the black paint in preparation to take over Michael's office, but I'd still count on them throwing a new, big name into the mix just to goose the ratings a bit. The Office remains a powerhouse for NBC, but anyone denying that the show's best days are behind it. Steve Carell leaving could be exactly the shake-up they need to give the show a creative boost, but only by adding a big name will they get added publicity to boot.

Both McBride and Darby would be inspired choices for totally different reasons-- McBride is known for playing arrogant blue-collar blowhards in movies like The Foot Fist way and on HBO's Eastbound And Down, while Darby gained fame as the overwhelmed band manager Murray on Flight of the Conchords. If they're looking into both actors with their existing comedic personas in mind, it seems the Office producers are looking for a name first and will then build the show around them. It's not necessarily a bad strategy, but it tells us effectively nothing about where they might take the show in the post-Michael Scott era. They've got a little less than a year to plan for it, and will likely keep the decision process under their hats, but still, it'd be nice to know a little more than we do at this point.

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