The Playboy Club and Pan Am
At first glance it might be a bit of a stretch lumping these two shows together, one being about the, uh, seedy side of the titular Playboy Club while the other follows female flight attendants full of secrets who fly for Pan Am, but the way the pair both jumped on the trendy 1960s setting makes them similar enough in my book. As does their almost matching premiere dates, short life spans and female-led ensembles. The Playboy Club debuted on NBC in September 2011 and had only three episodes make it to air before the Peacock pulled the plug, making it the first show of the season to receive a pink slip. Pan Am didn't fair too much better managing to get 14 installments on ABC until it suffered the same fate as its counterpart. Of course, the cancellations didn't stop the period piece trend with Magic City, Vegas and more popping up the following season.

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