One of the things about Lost is that you really need to keep pretty much everything that ever happens in the series archived in your brain because you never know when something’s going to become relevant again. Well, you might not have time to rewatch every episode of Lost before this week’s big 2-hour season finale but fortunately, thanks to TV Guide, we now know which episodes will be particularly relevant to the finale.

(This article contains some vague information about the Lost season finale. Nothing majorly spoilerish is mentioned)

In TV Guide’s most recent issue, Lost executive producers Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse list the episodes you might want to revisit if you’re looking to get prepped for the finale. The first one they list is the pilot episode. Cuse says, “It sets up the premise of how these people got onto the island. In the finale, we’re dealing with how the Oceanic 6 got off the island.”. Another season 1 episode they think you should rewatch is “White Rabbit,” which dealt with Jack chasing the ghost of his father. On this one, Lindelof says, “Jack confides that he can’t possibly be seeing what he thinks he’s seeing and Locke says, ‘But what if you were?’ In the [5/29] finale, there’s an incredibly powerful scene between them that began way back in ‘White Rabbit.’”

Moving along to the second season, Cuse says the episode titled “Live Together, Die Alone” will bring us back to the references of the island’s “strange properties.” On this he says, “The stated goal in the [5/8] episode was: We have to move the island. We’ve seen devices capable of doing strange and wacky things, like crashing an airplane. So maybe it is possible to move it.”. From the third season, “Through the Looking Glass” will become relevant once again. Lindelof says we should rewatch Jack’s flash-forwards, knowing now what we’ve learned from this season. He adds, “It’d be good to have that information under your belt when this finale starts. Because this finale just might start where that one ended.”

And finally, rewatch “The Shape of Things To Come” from the current season. Cuse says, “We find our castaways trying to defend the very island that they’re trying to escape. And it gives you a sense that the freighter is bearing a group of very bad guys whose express mission is to kill everybody. You’ll see where that leads in this year’s finale.” Lindelof adds, “But the real moral of that story is, ‘Don’t piss off Benjamin Linus.’”

I love that that TV Guide got this info. As a somewhat casual Lost fan (meaning I haven’t rewatched the previous seasons over and over), I usually have to rely on Katey’s recap to help me make sense of certain parts of each episode, usually relating to things that took place in past seasons. Knowing which previous episodes are relevant before the finale actually airs will definitely be helpful.

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