1. Bullseye
1. Bullseye
This one’s a no-brainer. If Kingpin is considered to be Daredevil’s greatest enemy, than Bullseye is a close second. Labeling himself The Man Who Never Misses, Bullseye is able to turn almost any object into a projectile weapon; and best of all, this isn’t a superpower. It’s just a natural skill. He has been an enemy of Daredevil’s since the late ‘70s and has frequently been responsible for many of the tragedies in Matt Murdock’s life, like killing Elektra. DeKnight has already suggested that Bullseye has been considered for a potential Season 2, so if he’s included, he would make either an excellent main antagonist or secondary antagonist should Kingpin return. Besides, the character needs live-action redemption after Colin Farrell’s over-the-top performance in the 2003 movie. Just focus on making the MCU Bullseye the badass assassin who can literally use anything to take on Daredevil. Oh, and no etching the target symbol on his forehead this time. Give him something that at least partially resembles his comic book costume.

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