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David Arquette, whom you can currently see lurking in the background in a few scenes of Hamlet 2 has recently signed on for an episode of the NBC comedy series, My Name Is Earl. He, like so many characters on Earl will play someone on Earl’s “list.” Earl did him wrong in the past and now he’ll have to make things right.

Arquette will play a guy named “Sweet Johnny.” He ended up on Earl’s list because Earl slept with his girlfriend ten years ago. When Earl tracks Sweet Johnny down, he finds that the guy has a permanent injury that will apparently make the task of righting the wrong impossible. But knowing Earl, he’ll find a way to make things right somehow.

On a somewhat related side-note pertaining to Arquette on the small screen, I recently marathoned through the third season of Beverly Hills, 90210 in anticipation of the new spinoff series. During this mindless venture through the season, I stumbled across an episode in which David Arquette guest-stars (although he wasn’t a star then so I guess we can’t really call it a guest appearance) as Brandon’s girlfriend Nicki’s keytar playing ex-boyfriend Diesel. Diesel, whom Brandon refers to as Weasel, likes to hit Nicki. In addition to being abusive and totally cheesy as a rocker (the keytar? Seriously.), one could speculate that Arquette’s character was into significantly younger “women”, considering his character had to be at least 20 and his ex-girlfriend Nicki is a freshman in high school. How old was she when he started dating her?! Diesel even refers to Nicki as "jailbait" at one point in the episode.

Yeah, I told you this random side-note was only somewhat related. All the same, even with the name “Sweet Johnny,” I suspect Arequette’s character in Earl will be substantially more likable than Diesel the abusive keytar playing pedophile.

My Name Is Earl will return to NBC with new episodes on September 25, 2008 at 8:00 p.m.

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