And those are just a few of the more front-and-center candidates. It could be anyone, really, and it may not be as cut and dry as one person being responsible for Vivian's death. Understanding what happened to her is part of the overall mystery and as we see numerous flashbacks of Joanna's friendship with Vivian in their childhood and adolescence, it becomes clearer and clearer why she's as motivated as she is to get to the bottom of this, even if it means putting her own life and career on hold to do it. What also begins to unfold is how some of Joanna's memories of those earlier years tie into the things she's looking at now. Her memories of growing up at the Bower house not only aid her in her investigation, but they also play a factor in how she views the family now.

Deception isn't particularly original in what it's setting out to do - introducing us to a rich family with a lot of drama and now a murder on its hands - but the first few episodes suggest that the show will draw us in bit by bit. And that the appeal of the series will extend beyond Vivian's murder, as we come to get to know the family and see the line between investigation and personal history get increasingly blurry and complicated for Joanna as she continues to spend more time with the Bowers. In the end, I think that's what this show will really be about as we watch Joanna reacquaint herself with this family.

I consider it an investment to watch any new series before word of mouth confirms that it's great (and ratings confirm that it'll probably stick around). Dramas set around a central mystery are an even bigger gamble, and that's surely the case for Deception, when you consider that the build-up to the inevitable big reveal might not measure up to the expectations in the end. But when you factor in the likable lead in Good's Joanna, the intriguing and not entirely predicable ensemble of characters and all of the drama that's worked into the plot, Deception gives us a bit more to tune in for beyond the big mystery. In that sense, based on the first few episodes, I think NBC has a winner with this one. Deception is soapy, dramatic and intriguing in all the right ways - especially for those of us who love getting caught up in these types of shows - with a murder mystery to propel the story forward and a lot of family drama to keep it interesting from episode to episode. Be sure to check it out when it premieres Monday, January 7 at 10:00 p.m. ET on NBC.

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