If you’ve been watching TV lately, allowing your brain to slowly but steadily turn to soup, you may have caught those hilarious Hulu ads, advertising the website’s vastly growing collection of TV content made available for free to view at Hulu.com. Alec Baldwin, Seth MacFarlane and Eliza Dushku each have an ad (view them here!) and now Denis Leary is getting in on the Hulu action with this latest ad, set to debut on actual-TV this weekend during the Kentucky Derby.

Leary took time off from portraying that pissed off, semi-recovering-alcoholic firefighter Tommy Gavin to tell you why you should be checking out Hulu.com. Appropriately, his pitch for the website sounds more like a pissed off rant than anything else but isn’t that what Leary does best?

Here’s the latest Hulu ad, posted for you in this bliggety-blog:

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