Looking at the promo for next Sunday night's season finale of Dexter, it isn't just the whole season that's been leading up to this, it's kind of the whole series. We don't know how the season will end, but so much of the past has been dredged up this season, that as alarming as it would be to see Dexter fully outed as the serial killer he is, would it be all that surprising?

That may be the direction the show is headed. The promo for next week's "Surprise Motherfucker!" certainly indicates that, as a number of very suspenseful snippets are revealed.

Among the reveals in the promo, Hannah discovers that Deb knows what Dexter is. LaGuerta expresses her suspicions of Dexter to Deb. Dexter may be considering taking LaGuerta out (though Harry reminds him she's an innocent) and also suggests it's time for Dexter to run. Deb wants Dexter to fix it and it doesn't seem like Dexter knows how. And then there's Dexter being arrested.

The handcuffs scene is the most alarming. Is it real? Or is that Dexter living out a fear? Or maybe he's just being brought in for question and they won't have anything to hold him. Or is all of this just wishful thinking and the season is going to end with Dexter behind bars? Anything can happen!

You can read our review of last night's episode "Do You See What I See?" here. And check out a picture of what could be an excellently tense looking elevator moment from the season finale below.

They actually look kind of friendly, so who knows what's really going on there?

Dexter airs Sunday at 9:00 p.m. ET on Showtime.

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