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Season 5 of Dexter has begun, folks. Alright, technically the premiere was a few episodes ago but tonight we finally got some clue as to the direction of the season beyond Season 5: Dexter The Single Dad.

Don’t Get Caught

The first rule of the code isn’t: “Never kill an innocent.” As Harry reminded Dexter tonight, the first rule is not to get caught and nursing Lumen (Julia Stiles) back to health wasn’t necessarily the best plan, considering she’s coming off being abused by a crazed killer and she saw Dexter kill said killer. But Dexter didn’t listen to the Harry in his head and continued to trust his instincts. Or perhaps some of Rita’s compassion rubbed off on him. Either way, letting Lumen die and washing his hands of the whole ordeal wasn’t an option for him.

Dexter thwarted numerous attempts by Lumen to escape the tourist center where he was keeping her and did some research to find out who she was (Lumen Pierce), where she came from (Minnesota) and whether or not anyone’s looking for her (she’s a runaway whose parents miss her but are giving her some space). What we learned is that while she’s smart enough not to trust Dexter and brave enough to try to escape more than once, she’s also damaged as much, if not more internally as she is on the outside. We got a hint of that when she refused to get in the car full of guys during one of her escape attempt. What’s more, after deciding that Dexter wasn’t going to kill her and accepting his leap-of-faith suggestion, she revealed that Boyd wasn’t the only one abusing her. There are more!

So, this appears to be where the season is heading, or at the very least, where things are really going to kick off beyond Dexter’s grief and adjusting to being a single dad. The obvious fear after last week’s episode was that Lumen was going to escape and turn Dexter in but it seems the show is going in a different direction as she’s got a score to settle and will be leading Dexter toward his next victims.

Something tells me that leading might actually turn to blackmailing as he’s not exactly in the position to say no to her, unless he wants to kill her. This is complete speculation here but I can see this being a new type of test for the code, especially if it turns out that not all of the guys Lumen is bringing to Dexter’s attention are entirely “worthy” of his table.

Harrison’s the new box of donuts

Being a single parents is probably tricky enough but factor in some grief and the serial killer thing and it’s pretty clear that Dexter has his hands full. He did manage to use Harrison as a cute, dimply distraction in order to sneak into the forensics lab and harvest information about Lumen and later to charm a woman who clearly has no qualms about smoking around (or at) a baby. Between that scene and Masuka’s comment about no one smoking in 2010, I’m wondering if the writers are trying to make some kind of subtle comment on tobacco.

I was actually kind of surprised that Dexter didn’t try to wave Harrison in front of Lumen in order to win her trust but it turned out, a barrel of dead girl did the trick there. Harrison did come in handy when Dexter went crawling back to the Nanny, who quit after Dexter was out all night, leaving her to wonder if and when he was coming home to be a reliable parent. I loved Dexter’s thought about missing Rita after the nanny quit. Rita might’ve been upset or even angry at Dexter for being out all night but she always seemed to cave when it came to his excuses and that apologetic smile of his. That didn’t work so well on the nanny but she did agree to take a “leap of faith” and return to give Dexter another shot. It’s interesting to me that she’s so quick not to trust him and I’m very curious to see how that’ll factor in later, if at all. If anything, the nanny is just another realistic obstacle set to fill the void left by Rita, Astor and Cody.

Lo Siento

Batista tried to make amends with the cop he put in the hospital by apologizing. While that worked to keep the guy from pressing charges, it didn’t stop Internal Affairs from launching their own investigation on the matter. Jim the I.A. guy had a sit-down with LaGuerta that involved discussing the blow-J comment made by Lopez. Talk about awkward. Interestingly enough, this whole ordeal worked in Dexter’s favor.

Had LaGuerta not just had a conversation about her reputation for “oral services” with someone from Internal Affairs, she might have been more willing to listen to Quinn when he tried to explain that Trinity’s son Jonah recognized Dexter’s picture. Alright, so Jonah didn’t technically say he recognized Dexter’s photo and LaGuerta hasn’t exactly been behind the theory about Dexter being involved in Rita’s death but she might have been willing to at least hear Quinn out if not for being distracted by what’s going on with Batista and her own name being dragged through the mud.

Speaking of Quinn, as I referenced above, he managed to track down Trinity’s family and stalked Jonah in an effort to get him to identify Dexter. He couldn’t just bring the photo of Dexter to his FBI contact because he doesn’t want Quinn to find out about it. He wanted to keep it off the record until he was sure, which was rational and definitely lends credence to the theory that Deb will be all the difference between Quinn’s Dexter-witch-hunt and Doakes’. So, while he’s been unofficially suspended, we’ll have to see whether or not he’s planning on pursuing the matter, considering he has virtually no support from anyone right now.

Quinn and Deb’s fling appears to be back on as Deb took solace in Quinn after watching a kid nearly bleed out after being slashed in the throat by a machete. Her decision to go home with Quinn may have had a little something to do with not wanting to deal with Dexter and Harrison at home, despite what she said to Dexter about it being fine with them being around.

Speaking of Dexter being around, what’s the deal with his living situation? Is he just living at Deb’s now? I’d kind of love to see Dexter reclaim his old apartment and if necessary, Deb would be the one to move out.

We’ll end this write-up with some Masuka-love for teasing Quinn for being the kind of guy who would steal his antibiotics in order to rid himself of scurvy.

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