"I can appreciate the mindset of a collector, but toys seems like a waste of a good obsession."

Moving on, there's Louis, the guy who almost got killed tonight. Dexter looked into the Ice Truck Killer hand that was among the things Deb found in his apartment. Louis had the hand sent to Dexter's apartment last season but I think Jamie or someone put the box up on the fridge and I don't think he ever discovered it. He knows it's there now, and after some nosing around and chatting with Masuka, made the connection with Louis. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm assuming this means Dexter knows Louis knows what he is and his connection with the Ice Truck Killer. Because he pretty much acted like a crazed killer with Louis tonight and then let him go, twice!

In addition to discovering that Louis shut off his credit cards, Dexter also found some weird videos on Louis' computer, one of which had him getting serviced by a hooker (based on the "hours almost up" comment) and another that had him raging about Dexter. He confronted Louis and learned that he was mad because Dexter didn't like his video game.

You would've thought Louis would have heeded Dexter's warning and stayed away from him, at least for a little while. Instead, he was casually hanging around Dexter's apartment with Jamie once again, basically baiting Dexter to come after him. Which is what Dexter did, but then after sedating Louis, he decided not to kill him and try to stick with Deb's plan. Something tells me Louis won't take the hint, even when he does wake up on a bench somewhere.

Wayne Randall

The episode had the cops working with a convicted murderer named Wayne Randall, who went on a killing spree and has now decided to tell the police where some of the bodies were. Dexter had more than a few chats with the convict while the diggers were busy digging holes, and it seemed like the two formed a brief connection. Randall told Dexter about how he finally let go of his anger and surrendered, developing a conscience during his imprisonment. It gave Dexter something to chew on as he pondered his situation with Deb. And then, after a couple days of sunshine and frosty swirls, Wayne's true motivation was revealed when he announced quietly to Dexter that he had one more person to kill - himself. Only he didn't say himself. He let his body do the talking there as he stepped out into the street and let a truck smear him across the road.

So, there you go, Dexter. Maybe some day you too will be negotiating some outdoor time in anticipation of your own self-inflicted demise. Or maybe this is just one more scenario for Dexter to explore, as he's constantly finding himself staring at his own reflection through other people. Interestingly enough, Wayne seemed to pick up on the sparks between Deb and Dexter, and he interpreted it as sexual tension, even after Dexter told him that she was his sister. So that's still hanging out there in the wind. Great.

Wayne also mentioned his girlfriend Hannah, who was the Robin to his Batman. (Spoiler alert: We'll meet her (in the form of Yvonne Strahovski) next week!)

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