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While the focus seems to be leaning heavily on Deb and Dexter, there's a big case heating up as the cops continue to try to investigate Mike Anderson's murder. They're connecting some of the dots Dexter already connected, like the stripper Cassia (her body was in the murderer's car) and her connection with Viktor, the guy Dexter killed at the airport last week. Meanwhile, on the crime-side of it, we have Isaac, who's some kind of organized-crime leader looking into the situation and in one case, killing a guy by stabbing him in the eye with a screwdriver. Gross.

While all of this is going on, Batista and Quinn have repeatedly busted in on this strip club, which involves turning on the lights. Sure, flipping the lights on is an attention getter, but I find it to be an oddly disturbing sight whenever the music stops playing and the lights come up and we're left with the sight of a bunch of half-naked women and men in suits looking uncomfortable. More to the point of the show, Quinn's participation in the investigation has brought him into contact with a pretty stripper named Nadia. His next love interest? Or nothing but trouble? I'm betting on both. This would also be the second time in recent years that he got involved with a woman involved in an investigation, so he's probably better off keeping it all business with this woman.

And in other interesting news, LaGuerta is looking into the blood slide she found at the Travis crime scene. She confirmed that it was Travis' blood, and it appears she's made the connection between the slide and the Bay Harbor Butcher. The box she got from evidence not only had a photo of Doakes (to remind us who the murders were pinned on), but Dexter's old slide box. (I'm sure he'd love to get that back.) I know this situation puts Dexter in jeopardy, but I'm so glad that the Bay Harbor Butcher story has resurfaced and that Doakes' name might be cleared.

Now, don't get me wrong, Doakes was a jerk, and LaGuerta's character has been called to question in recent seasons. But Doakes wasn't a murderer, and LaGuerta was right to refuse to believe he was, despite the evidence. The slide sparking her memory of the case suggests that she never put it out of her mind. This goes all the way back to Season 2 when Doakes found out that Dexter was the Bay Harbor Butcher. Lila killed him to protect Dexter and the FBI determined that Doakes was the BHB. That never sat well with me. Sure, it cleared Dexter from the situation, but I never thought it was fair that Doakes was believed to be a serial killer. He may not have been a nice guy, but he had good instincts (he was the only one to really see Dexter for who he was) and he wasn't a killer. He was a detective trying to get to the bottom of something and it got him killed. So I'd sort of like to see his name cleared. And if that can happen without LaGuerta figuring out that it's Dexter, all the better. There's also the chance that LaGuerta sniffing around the situation might result in her earning the same fate as Doakes. We'll have to see where this goes!

Finally, Dexter spent a little time with Harrison. That kid is as adorable as ever… and it's nice to be reminded that he has a son. WIth everything else that's going on, it seems like Harrison's been set to the side. But as long as he's safe and smiling, I suppose that's all that matters.

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