"There has to be some fucking justice."
Poor Deb. One minute, she's covering for Dexter by putting doubts in LaGuerta's head about the Bay Harbor Butcher, suggesting that they're reaching for leads, the next she's going out with a guy who later drops dead of a heart attack on her brother's living room floor. Deb has every right to dislike Hannah, especially considering once again, it looks like she's going to get away with murder. But this is just one more reason Dexter is playing with fire. And he knows it. He needs to be distancing himself from people involved with his sister's investigations, not sleeping with them.

Hannah has Dexter convinced that they have some connection, and Dexter's drawn to the fact that she accepts both sides of him. But even he seems to see the potential for combustion in this relationship. And factoring Sal's death, you'd think he'd want to back away from this woman and worry about his own body count. Hannah is trouble. Sure, she's beautiful and she's into Dexter, serial-killing and all, but she's a problem.

The episode ended with Deb telling Dexter to take care of Hannah the way he takes care of things. This is a pretty big turning point for Deb. All season we've seen her trying to make sense of her brother's nature and find a way to accept it. Now she's hit a point where she wants him to kill someone, and of course, it's with the person he's laying next to at that moment. Earlier we saw Deb upset when she confronted Dexter about intentionally messing up the blood report to cover for Hannah. Wait until Deb finds out Dexter's sleeping with her!

And in other Hannah news, apparently, she was pregnant when her husband died, and had a miscarriage at some point afterward. Hannah's story is that she wanted a family but her husband didn't. It's hard to know whether we should believe her or not. On one hand, she brought up "surrendering to nature" - her near-admission and justification for murder - and nature adding and subtracting in a way that sounded sad, as though she had been bitten by her own logic. But on the other hand, her tearful confession to Sal earlier proves that she's able to turn the waterworks on and off at will, so who knows?

In other news…

Quinn did his part in getting rid of Isaak's evidence and he's all about protecting Nadia and getting her away from them. While the lab people were trying to find additional evidence among the mess of raw sewage that now covers the floor of the murder scene (Isaak's guys did a good job of making it impossible to replace the lost DNA samples), Batista asked Quinn if he had anything to do with the missing evidence. Quinn outright lied, and Batista seemed to buy it.

Later, Quinn gave Batista ten grand to put toward his restaurant. I didn't get the feeling this was a bribe. I can't say I love the decisions Quinn's making, especially because we haven't really seen him get to know Nadia, so it's hard to get behind his decision to put his career on the line for her, but I thought the gift to Batista was a demonstration (to us) that this thing with Isaak isn't about the money for him. He just wants to get Nadia away from Isaak and his people. Of course, Batista took it as an overly generous gift from a good friend and hugged him for it.

Speaking of Isaak, he's now out of prison, and he had a little sit-down with Dexter to threaten him. Isaak's trying to figure out Dexter's motives. He knows he didn't know Mike Anderson very long, so he can't figure out why Dexter would kill Viktor for killing a guy he barely knew. Dexter may have given Isaak a better idea of what he's dealing with by rubbing it in his face that he crushed Isaak's head with a fire extinguisher. That infuriated Isaak, who made another threat before leaving.

Isaak isn't the only one with his sights set on Dexter. Deb might have put some doubts into LaGuerta's mind about whether or not to pursue these Bay Harbor Butcher leads, but later we saw LaGuerta going over some harbor logs or something and Dexter's name was on the list. Not sure where that's going to lead, but if Dexter's name shows up in too many places, that could be a problem!

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