It was just three days ago that we brought you the news that Patton Oswalt had signed on for a major role in the upcoming NBC pilot Beach Lane, in which he would play a slacker heir to a Hamptons newspaper. The show co-starred Matthew Broderick and Kristen Johnson and seemed like a great vehicle for Oswalt's return to TV after a long stint on The King of Queens.

But apparently the comeback wasn't to last. THR reports that Oswalt may have already bailed on Beach Lane, following Tuesday's table read in which, apparently, something pretty awful happened. The producers have offered him another role on the show, but it's not clear if he'll accept, and really, does that really seem like the solution? Clearly there's something wrong enough that he's willing to walk away from a solid paycheck, and odds are it's not the character.

You may also remember that just a few weeks ago Megan Mullally bailed on a Broadway production of LIps Together, Teeth Apart apparently because she couldn't put up with Oswalt as a castmate. In that debacle Mullally had been painted as a bad guy-- what a diva!-- but Oswalt leaving Beach Lane after just one table read shines a different light on the situation. Is he actually the diva, ruining productions left and right? Or are the cosmos just aligned against this guy? Expect to hear more as the news is either confirmed or denied.

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