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The new season of Stargate Atlantis is set to include a few landmark moments: not the least of which is the show’s 100th episode. The Stargate universe surprised many people when SG-1 became a decade long success story for the Sci Fi Network. We had a chance to speak with the new leader, Richard Woolsey, who is played by Robert Picardo along with executive producer Joseph Mallozzi. We’ll have the full transcript up for your dissection and perusal as soon as we can. In the meantime here are a few highlights.

Following the events of last season’s finale things are going to change. By the end of the premiere Colonel Carter is relieved of duty by Woolsey. This means that Woolsey is in charge and the team has to adjust to the unique nature of the man. When asked if he liked the character of Woolsey, Picardo stated: ”Woolsey meant well, even though he annoyed people.” Yes, things are going to be very interesting and different on Stargate Atlantis this season.

According to executive producer Joseph Mallozzi we’ll see Woolsey change his ways a bit to accommodate the new position. Mallozzi says we’ll see, as early as the second episode, Woolsey come to a point where he realizes that following procedure exactly by the book may not be the best way to save and protect lives. This will come back later in the season when Woolsey is up for review and one major issue is that he is not always following the rule book as strictly as he should.

This new season of Stargate Atlantis will feature all of the action and adventure that makes the series exciting to fans. Stargate Atlantis will return on Friday, July 11th at 10:00 p.m. on Sci Fi.