Mary Crawley And Lord Tony Gillingham
It was only recently that we saw Mary laugh onscreen for the very first time since her husband’s untimely death. Lord Tony Gillingham may not have known that he caused Mary to smile for the first time in ages, but he has known how he felt about her, and told her about his love for her several times throughout the episode. Each time Mary rebuffed him, stating she had yet to get over her husband’s death, but when Gillingham gave an impassioned speech including the line, “You fill my brain. I see you when I close my eyes. I can’t stop thinking of you,” we thought she might cave.

Alas, a wedding was not in the cards for Mary. Although she later told Tom she might regret rebuffing Lord Gillingham that last time, he has decided to move forward and engage another, counting he and Mary’s romance as another foiled attempt at companionship.

Daisy And Alfred
I don’t quite know what it is about Ivy that has a good number of the males downstairs all hot and bothered, but I do know unrequited love when I see it. The other kitchen maid, Daisy, has had a thing for Matthew since he arrived at Downton, but Alfred also has an unrequited affection for Ivy. This made any romance between the two tricky for quite some time, but it all came to a head in episode 3 when Daisy pushed Alfred to find Ivy while she was making out with Jimmy. He resolved to leave Downton and Daisy resolved to have a broken heart.

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