Will Tom Stick Around?
Tom may have finally gotten into the correct evening wear, but he seemed more discomfited than ever during episode 2. He still hadn’t figured out the proper way to address the affluent and he lacked a skill in small talk. He spent much of the episode contemplating whether or not he belongs at Downton, and his conclusions were not sound, leading to another dalliance with the ladies maid, Edna.

Still, in recent episodes Tom has taken a keen interest in the estate and he has seemed more than capable of picking up Matthew’s mantle. Regardless, he dislikes being a member of the genteel population, and as Sybil’s death becomes less and less painful, it feels as if his ties to Downton might waver. We expect to find out whether Tom will stick around in the coming weeks, and we also suspect that Edna will have something to do with it.

Mary and A Beau
After a quick stint in which she was greatly depressed, Mary spent episode 2 finding her feet again. She spent a good deal of time with a Lord Gillingham, talking about estates and other commonalities. She also laughed for the first time since Matthew’s untimely passing. While there was one unfortunate incident with a gramophone, Mary has been a much improved person, and it seems as if the show will next push her ever closer to finding a suitable suitor.

So, the hunt is on. Lord Gillingham is certainly an agreeable prospect, but we expect that a few other gentlemen will enter the picture during Season 4, as well. I’m not sure Mary will find the man of her dreams, but getting one step away from her grief should at least be interesting to watch.

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