Cora, The Countess of Grantham
Cora wasn’t really given much to do during the first episode of Season 4. She took some advice from the sneaky Barrow and looked in on the nanny, who was treating Sybil and Tom’s daughter like a second-class citizen. Unfortunately, Cora’s never been the most well-informed member of the household, and by the end of the episode, she was under the mistaken impression that Thomas could be trusted. This seems to be a pattern of behavior for the head of the household, who also trusted O'Brien, even though her ladies maid purposefully left soap on the floor so that her mistress would trip and miscarry her child. I wish she would have a better nose for the rats in her home, but I guess the Countess does have other talents.

Lady Edith Crawley
Who knew Lady Edith would be one of the most fun characters to watch during the premiere? The lady’s been in love with a married man for quite some time. His wife has been in an asylum, and he hatched a plan this week to get a divorce in Germany and marry Edith. Of course, that would mean moving to Germany, but Edith actually seemed to be entertaining the idea. One of my favorite parts of the new episode featured Edith eating at a restaurant with her beau and marveling over the fact that she was allowed to eat in restaurants for the first time after the war. Edith proved she was smitten with the man, but if his plans tarry, she could land herself in a heap of trouble. Edith has always been a little wacky, favoring older men and even learning how to drive, but at the beginning of Season 4, she has been up to her most courageous hijinks, yet.

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