Tom Branson
Tom took a trip downstairs during the first episode, startling the staff, but at least he has conceded to try to fit in with the genteel company upstairs. This week, he even threw on the proper attire for dinner and made an ally out of Mary. The man finally seemed to be coming around to his new station in life, which is a good thing. Sans Matthew, Downton was sorely in need of a man with modern ideas and Tom just so happened to be chock full of them.

Additionally, a friendship seemed to be blossoming between Tom and Mary during the new episode. While casting has alluded to the fact that Mary might have some gentlemen callers during the new season, we will have to wait and see if Tom finds a partner, as well. Former maid Edna has returned to the scene, which could cause some problems for Branson moving forward.

Violet, The Dowager Countess of Grantham
The Dowager Countess was in fine form, as usual, during the first episode. She rarely has had her own plotlines on the show, but she did get to meddle this week in several of the large storylines. During the Season 4 premiere, meant involving herself in finding Mosely a new position. It also meant she chastised her son, Lord Grantham, after he objected to Mary running a portion of the estate. The Dowager Countess hasn’t changed an iota since the series started

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