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Next month, VH1 is set to premiere a series starring Dr. Drew, which will feature various people struggling with addiction of a more taboo nature. Sex Rehab With Dr. Drew will shed light on the challenge that is sex-addiction.

Below is some information that VH1 released on the series:

“Addictions are nothing new, and most people are aware of those involving alcohol, drugs, and eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, but few know about and understand sex addiction. It afflicts roughly 3%-6% of the American population, and just like other addictions, its impact on personal lives can be devastating. The affliction can wreak havoc on the mental and physical health of those afflicted as well as destroy marriages, families, careers and even finances.

Dr. Drew and a team of the nation's foremost experts on sexual addiction will guide eight patients through an intensive state of the art program. Living together for 21 days, they'll meet with Dr. Drew in daily one-on-one and group therapy sessions in order to get to the root of their compulsive behavior.

Dr. Drew is a highly respected practicing MD, is board certified in addiction medicine and assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at KECK USC School of Medicine, who will once again give viewers an unflinching look at exactly how the rehab process works and what it feels like for participants. Dr. Drew hopes to use his patients to humanize the process and show viewers that treatment is a viable way to break the cycle of addiction.

While TV seems to have no shortage of people willing to air their problems in front of millions in reality shows and daytime talk shows, I’m intrigued by the fact that these eight patients were willing to allow themselves to be showcased in this series. It should be interesting to see how rehabilitation for an addiction of this nature is addressed. Plus, let’s face it, sex is a subject most people are interested in to some degree or another. That, added to Dr. Drew’s participation in the show, should make this a pretty engaging new reality series.

Interested viewers can catch a sneak peek at Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew on VH1.com starting Monday, October 26th. The series will air on VH1 on November 1st.