You'd think Drew Carey would be busy enough filling Bob Barker's shoes on The Price Right, advocating that views spay and neuter their pets and probably lasciviously eyeing the female models on the show. But no! Carey shall not rest! THR reports that he'll star for a new hidden-camera show airing on CBS, bearing the title-- oh this is good-- WTF! As in, Wow That's Funny!.

Of course, anyone with working knowledge of the Internet knows there's another meaning for that acronym, though since the CBS target audience is generally fairly old, maybe there won't be any confusion. The show also seems to be ripping off the tactics of another youth-friendly organization, Improv Everywhere; Carey's show will employ "a troop of comedic agents" to pull benevolent stunts and pranks in public, such as transforming a truck stop into a five-star restaurant for the sake of the drivers. That's not quite on the level of the No-Pants Subway Ride or offering high fives to an entire escalator full of people, but if Improv Everywhere were a corporation and not a loose collection of energetic actor types, they might have a lawsuit worth considering.

Drew Carey is likable enough guy, and the idea of watching him and some other do-gooders make peoples' days better isn't so bad. But all I'm imagining is a less edgy, less imaginative version of Improv Everywhere, and one with a celebrity attached to boot. Does it make me cynical to not be all that excited about this?

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