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If you have ever found yourself sitting in a room and wondering why networks like Lifetime, History, and A&E continually produce low budget reality series with wacky premises, the answer is not simply that they are cheap to produce, although I’m sure that is a factor. Occasionally, a low budget reality series will spread like wildfire, and currently, A&E is enjoying that sort of success with Duck Dynasty.

Duck Dynasty follows a religious family living in Louisiana who have made a fortune creating duck call makers. Season 2 has had a pretty successful run on A&E since its October premiere, and Thursday night’s season finale was the program’s best night ever. According to EW, Thursday's episode of Duck Dynasty brought in 6.5 million total viewers, breaking two network records.

First, 6.5 million viewers may have been a good night for Duck Dynasty, but it was also the largest telecast A&E has pulled in ever, which is a feat. Secondly, the series also pulled in great numbers in the 18-49 demographic, nabbing a 3.0 rating. EW is also noting that the show’s audience has grown 139% in Season 2. Since gains of 39% would be impressive, adding one hundred percent to that number is almost unfathomable. A&E hasn’t given the greenlight for a third season of the show on the network, yet, but provided the Robertson family is back on board to do another season, I don’t see any reason the network would say no. I mean, how could you resist this guys? Their prowess is totally in the beards.

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