In a time when it seems every entertainment TV show has been digging through the archives looking for any scrap of video footage containing the recently deceased Heath Ledger, two shows made the surprisingly decent move to not air the controversial video of Ledger that’s been circulated as of late.

Yesterday, Entertainment Tonight announced that they were planning to show a video, which apparently features Heath Ledger doing drugs at a party at the Chateau Marmont hotel in Hollywood, on tonight’s episode. According to Reuters, neither Entertainment Tonight nor The Insider will be airing the footage. A statement was issued by a spokesperson saying that the decision not to include the footage was out of respect for Ledger’s family.

Honestly, as a fan of Ledger, I wouldn’t want to see the video and I’m glad ET (which I actually watch semi-regularly) wont be airing it. I caught a brief clip of it last night and it was depressing and in no way entertaining. I know people love to see celebrities in compromising situations but it seems a bit unfair (and tactless) to punish a Ledger (and his family) by exposing him for something he did two years ago. Nothing good will come from seeing that tape. Not for his family, his friends or his fans.

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