TV Blend recently learned that Chris Showerman is up for the title role of the upcoming SCI FI series, ‘Flash Gordon.’ Showerman, who starred in the film, George of the Jungle 2 was also in an episode of the recently cancelled show, ‘The O.C.’ as the “Impossibly Hot Fireman” (at least that’s how credits him).

‘Flash Gordon’ was greenlit for 22 episodes. The show is based on the original comic book and is set to air on the Sci Fi Channel in July. The classic characters, including Ming, Dale Arden and Dr. Hans Zarkov will all be in the series.

The Sci Fi channel reported in mid-January that production for the show was supposed to begin sometime “early this year.” Once they officially cast their title character, they are likely to begin filming in Canada sometime soon after that.

In the meantime, here’s Showerman’s scene in ‘The OC.’

Hard to believe the show got cancelled.

UPDATE! There has apparently been some confusion on the current level of Showerman's involvement in the whole 'Flash Gordon' thing. We never said he had the part. We said he was up for it... as in he's being considered for it. To make the whole thing a little clearer, check out a statement sent to us from Chris Showerman's producing partner Clint Morris by clicking here.

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