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Fans of Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show who were concerned that the comedian/host might be done with her show now that she’s taken on the task of helping America find their next Idol can rest assured that Ellen’s not done dancing up a storm on NBC.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution has renewed The Ellen DeGeneres Show for three more seasons. So while Ellen might be spending a couple evenings a week on Fox helping guide the aspiring singers on American Idol, NBC viewers will still get to see her on her talk show on NBC.

"I'm so excited to sign on for three more years at NBC," DeGeneres said. "They were the ones that believed in my show from Day 1. So, I'm thrilled to know I'll be here 'til at least 2014. Things will be a lot different by then. I won't be dancing over my coffee table anymore. Through the magic of 3D, I'll be dancing over yours!"

This of course, squashes the rumors that Ellen might be moving over to ABC to fill the gap that’s going to be left when Oprah makes her grand departure.

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