Shut up, Nathan Fillion's gonna sing! Captain Hammer and Dr. Horrible back together in song and dance? Enough said. Also "vagina," that was said too, thanks to Sarah Silverman.

While the stage was flooded with hosts for a goofy segment about hosting, Kevin Spacey stole our attention away Francis Underwood-style, in a House of Cards-inspired bit that got the biggest laugh of the segment as he drawled about having been promised the hosting job before it went to someone else. The Emmys might not want to cross Kevin Spacey if they know what's good for them.

Behind the Candelabra was all about finding the actual love in the middle of a very weird gay relationship, but that didn't stop Michael Douglas from making a series of cheeky jokes about his co-star Matt Damon, none better than asking him "Do you want top or bottom?" when offering to share his Emmy statue. If they hadn't been so good in the movie the joke might have come across as homophobic, but after committing so well to their characters, Damon and Douglas earned some lowbrow joking around.

Ok, not technically part of the ceremony, Claire Danes' Audi commercial makes the list for its final moments, which ends with Danes hunched over in a bar. Some guy in the background (possibly draped in flannel) says, "Hey guys, I used to date that girl in high school," to which Danes responds, "Jordan?" Those of us who remember Claire Danes from her My So Called Life days likely appreciated that best, as Jordan Catalano was the dreamy slacker type that Danes' Angela Chase was hopelessly in love with. Would've been perfect if they'd actually gotten Jared Leto to appear in the ad, but the nod was great regardless. Jordanglena forever!

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