The gorgeous Eric Stoltz has scored a new role in the TV movie, Blank Slate for TNT. The movie is going to be the precursor to a new series with the same name, also developed by TNT. The movie will also star Clancy Brown and Lisa Brenner. MovieHole has the whole story.

“The film tells of an amnesiac (Lisa Brenner), sentenced to Death Row for a murder she can’t remember committing, who is given a second chance at freedom by the FBI. Recruited as part of the secret experimental unit of the FBI’s unsolved crimes division, Huston is implanted with the final memories of murder victims. But while she pursues the leads of other peoples’ memories, she is haunted by the distant echoes of her own life ... A life she can’t remember.

In these days of writer’s strikes and reality TV it is nice to see that there are some awesome actors getting a new show. I absolutely adore Eric Stoltz, and every role he has done has only intensified my adoration. Oh, except that crazy dad in The Butterfly Effect. Don’t get me wrong, he was excellent, but the thought of what his character did to his daughter in the film was pretty horrific.

If you are out there, reading this, Mr. Stoltz, know that I have worshipped you from afar for a long, long time. I still have my VHS copy of Some Kind of Wonderful, and I still watch Mad About You reruns, hoping to get a glimpse of you. Ooh, and Rob Roy does some crazy stuff to me…

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