As a fan of ABC Family’s Greek, I was already planning to watch tomorrow night’s season finale (titled “Hell Week”). Then today I heard that people had seen promos for a Twilight sneak peek that’s supposedly going to air at some point during the finale. I haven’t seen the promos that have apparently aired on ABC Family but my sources with the network have confirmed that it’s true!

We were told today that ABC Family will be airing two exclusive first looks at Twilight during tomorrow night’s season finale of Greek. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson will be introducing the clips. The season finale of Greek airs Tuesday night (October 28) at 9:00 PM ET on ABC Family. And if you’re a Hills fan, keep an eye out for LC, who will be guest starring in the episode!

If I’d heard this news a couple of weeks ago I probably wouldn’t be all that excited but I'm not above admitting to drinking the Kool-aid. I recently read the entire Twilight series (after reading Meyer’s The Host and loving it), so I’m actually looking forward to the Twilight first looks as much as I’m eager to see how this season of Greek ends (and whether or not Rusty and Calvin manage to survive Hell Week).

Screenshots are in the gallery below!

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