This Sunday is the premiere of the brand-new season of The Celebrity Apprentice, in which another batch of famous people you never thought you'd see together in one place go head to head in all kinds of crazy competitions, only to be judged on their business acumen by the one, the only Donald Trump. This season features the usual mix of C-list celebrities, former athletes and models and actors, but there's one person in the mix way more familiar with reality TV competition than the rest. Only this will be the first time he's actually had to compete.

Bret Michaels first rose to fame as the lead singer of the 80s band Poison, but if you're younger than 30 odds are you know him better as the star of Rock of Love, a dating show in which he picked from an assortment of, shall we say, colorful female characters to be his "rock of love." Now that Michaels will be the one competiting for someone's attention-- a certain someone who also has a famous hairdo-- he says Celebrity Apprentice will be his "comeuppance," and that even though everyone is viewing him as the underdog in the competition, he plans to compete with politeness but also dedication. He also won't rule out the possibility of an inter-cast romance, obviously.

Check out my exclusive interview with Michaels conducted back in October, just a day before this season of Celebrity Apprentice began filming. See how it all turned out when the show premieres this Sunday at 9 p.m.

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