Go On
Airs: Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET on NBC.
Episodes aired so far: 6
Get caught up: ”Big League Chew”, the most recent episode. Hulu Plus subscribers can catch all the episodes.

Matthew Perry is an intensely likeable actor. The best example of this is still Friends, however, giving the prolific gig a run for its money is Go On, a new half-hour comedy that stars Perry as the snarky Ryan King, a sports radio guy who recently lost his wife. He’s having a little trouble with the grieving process, and so he joins a wacky support group led by Lauren Bennet (Laura Benanti, and yes, the barely existent name change is confusing).

Go On features an ensemble cast at work and another with King’s support group, but the show relies heavily on our main character’s shoulders, and he makes the most of it. That isn’t too say the ensemble cast isn’t worth a lark—Julie White as Anne, one of the women in the support group, Allison Miller as Carrie, Ryan’s assistant, and Bill Cobb as the blind group member, George, get their comedic timing just right. While Go On doesn’t surprise me with an earth-shattering premise, it does constantly impress me with how the plotlines at the office and the plots within the support group capably intertwine to tell a fluid story. The writing is as clever as the jokes.

Each episode is also capably self-contained, so if you miss one, you can jump right in the following week, without losing too much character knowledge. However, if you’ve missed all six, now is probably the time to give NBC’s smart new comedy a shot. Just because each episode doesn’t need to be watched chronologically doesn’t mean the comedy is a miss. -Jessica Rawden

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