Twitter news, confirmed! Ah the wonderful world of the internet, where you can garner new information about favorite shows from twits who tweet. Of course, not all of us using Twitter are twits. Most especially Felicia Day (Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog) is not...a twit, that is. What she is however is an actress who has worked with Joss Whedon a few times, and will be again soon.

In a Twitter post Felicia revealed that she will make an appearance in Dollhouse sometime later in the season. ”For those inquiring minds, I got the ok today to confirm that I'm going to be on an episode Dollhouse later in the season! So exciting!”

As a side note Felicia also mentions a few posts down that some of her favorite video game music includes Morrowind and Mega Man 2. Both are good choices, but that’s not what is most intriguing. That prize goes to the fact I am now officially in love with Felicia Day. Joss Whedon likes her, and is using her again for his new show. She’s pretty frickin’ awesome in Dr. Horrible. And she plays video games…serious video games. Is there any level of awesome that Felicia could miss?

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